Are you looking for Australian gifts ideas for the Aussie-obsessed person on your list? Or do you need to find gifts for Australian friends or family who live abroad? Well, either way, you came to the right place! Check out these 25 awesome Australian themed gifts and I am sure you will find something that matches perfectly!

25 Australian gifts that your Aussie-obsessed friend will love

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25 awesome australian gifts

Australian Gifts For The High End Budget

#1 Australian Gift Box

Australian gift box

Photo courtesy of Down Under Box

For any Australian who is feeling homesick or any Australia-obsessed traveler that just misses Australian food, the Aussie Classics Box is the perfect solution!

Filled with classic Australian products every Aussie will recognize, this box will surely bring back some memories.

You can get the Chocolate Lovers box, for Aussies who miss their Tim Tams and Caramel Koala too much or simply get the Aussie Classics box, or if you really want to go all the way, you could even build your own Aussie Gift box. Check out the Aussie gift boxes here.

#2 Australian board games

Wombat Rescue Board Game

Photo courtesy of Eagle Games

Who doesn’t love a good old board game? And what’s better than a board game that reminds you of the country you love!

You could go for the classic Australian-themed monopoly. Though more unique Australian gifts include games such as the Australian extension of Power GridSquatter, and Wombat Rescue.

#3 Crocodile Hunter Outfit

Man in  beige outfit

Photo courtesy of Australia Zoo

Which Australian-lover has never heard of Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter? In fact, even non-Australia lovers and people who have never even been to Australia know Steve Irwin and are a hugeeee fan. You can now order one of his polos or shorts for the perfect Australian Christmas gift. If you want something other than clothing, there are plenty of other options on the website of the Australian Zoo.

#4 Aboriginal Art

Natural art

Photo courtesy of Tangentyere Artists painting by Marlene Wheeler

If you are looking for authentic gifts from Australia and you don’t mind spending a bit more money on your present, definitely check out Tangentyere Artist for some inspiration!

#5 Australian themed jigsaw puzzles

Puzzle of the great ocean road

Photo courtesy of Australia Unseen

If you are getting Australian Christmas gifts for someone who loves making jigsaw puzzles, here is the perfect gift for you! Check out all Australia themed puzzles at Australia Unseen, or check out this option on Amazon for awesome jigsaw puzzles.

#6 Australian Footwear

A black boot

Photo courtesy of UGG

Yes, this is definitely one of the more expensive Australian gifts, but there are plenty of awesome Australian shoe brands (fashion brands in general) from which you can pick the perfect gift!

You can check out Australian Footwear or of course, the classic Australian shoe brand, Ugg.

#7 Australian wall art

An Australian Scratch map

Photo courtesy of Australian Geographic

Besides aboriginal art, you could also look into Australian maps or other types of home decorations such as this Australian-themed painting, this beer cap wall map, or this Australian scratch map.

#8 Personalized Australian Gifts Ideas

Painting of kangeroos

Photo courtesy of Hard To Find

This personalized kangaroo family portrait is the perfect gift for a family that has a love for Australia or an Australian family in general! To make it even harder, there is also a super cute koala option.

#9 Australian Gifts Beer Box

Australian gifts beer box

Photo courtesy of Hard To Find

Australian beer may not have conquered the world yet, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious. And any Aussie lover will surely know that. So with this Australian craft beer box, you will definitely make them happy!

Though if you are looking for a cheaper gift, you may want to get a smaller box of craft beer.

#10 Yeah, Nah Shirt

Shirt with Yeah,Nah

Photo courtesy of Hard To Find

If you don’t understand why a Yeah, Nah shirt is such a typical Australian gift and why I am sure that any Australia-lover will enjoy it. You do need to check out #22 on this list; The Aussie slang dictionary.

Though, yeah, Nah, is not even slang, it’s just something so typically Australian, and that’s exactly what makes this such a great Australian-themed gift.

So this shirt will sure bring a smile and the person’s face who you are buying it for!

#11 Australia themed tote bags

Tote bag with a koala

Photo courtesy of Hard to Find

Who doesn’t love tote bags? They are sustainable, useful, look good, and now, you can even get an Australian-themed tote bag! This one with a koala on it, but you can also find all sorts of tote bags on Etsy!

# 12 Australian Hats

A brown hat

Photo courtesy of Akubra

One of the most famous brands regarding Australian hats is Akubra, so if you are looking for unique and higher-end budget gifts from Australia, then these hats are perfect!

However, if a gift of over 100$ (which is what you will be paying if you get your friend an Akubra hat) is a bit out of your reach, then you can always check out these Australian-themed caps, which also make pretty good gifts. A bit less classic, but still fun enough!

Australian gifts in the mid-range budget

#13 Boomerang

Two boomerangs with Australian decorations
Two boomerangs with Australian decorations

Another classic gift idea for an Australian, a good ol’ boomerang. You can get them in all sorts of designs within all price ranges, such as this boomerang on Amazon.

#14 Australian Guidebooks

Lonely Planet book of Australia

Photo courtesy of Lonely Planet

I’ll admit guidebooks do not fall into the category of most unique Australian gifts. And you do need to check whether they already have a guidebook, otherwise, it’s a bit of a useless gift. But also remember that Australia is huge, so there might be a part they haven’t visited yet and you could check for guidebooks for that specific area, such as Tasmania. If you are looking for Australian-themed gifts because the person you are buying them for is going to Australia soon, then obviously this is the perfect gift!

Some of the all-time favorites include:

#15 Australian-themed beach towels

Round beach towel with a koala
Cute Koala beach towel

Any Aussie-lover will sure return to Australia one time, and of course, they need a beach towel for that. So these Australia-themed beach towels make perfect gifts. You can get one with a flag, or a cute one such as this koala beach towel.

#16 Australian wine

A Australian bottle of wine

Photo courtesy of Aus Wine Online

Another great idea to surprise an Australian-enthusiast is by giving them wine from their beloved country. You can buy single bottles or cases at Aus Wine Online. Prices vary depending on how many bottles you buy and of course which wine you pick. But there is plenty of choices, such as this “Are you Game Shiraz”.

Australian Gifts Low Budget

#17 Aussie Underwear

Underwear with duch

Photo courtesy of AussieBum

For funny and more random gifts from Australia, I would recommend underwear from AussieBum. They are cheeky, comfortable, and fun to give!

#18 Australian themed socks

Kangeroo themed socks

I know, at some point you get to an age where you do appreciate socks as a gift. So if the person you are getting this Australia themed gift for is, in fact, at the age of appreciating socks. Then these Australian socks are the perfect gift!

Or check out these cute koala socks.

#19 Notebooks and diaries

Notebooks with a pattern

Photo courtesy of Kullilla Art

Notebooks and diaries always come in handy for travelers, so why not give an Australian notebook to someone who is in love with the country? Even if they are not traveling at the time, notebooks still come in handy.

Check out the Christmas edition, or this kangaroo one. Or if you are looking for authentic Australian gifts online, this handmade aboriginal art one.

#20 Calenders

Man holding a koala on a calender

Photo courtesy of Australian Firefighter Calendar

This Australian firemen calendar is the perfect gift if you are also looking for a way to give back to Australia and nature with your gift. As the money raised with these calendars is used for charity. So it’s a win-win. You’ve got an awesome gift and nature has got a sponsor.

Alternatively, you could get Australian-themed calendars that do not involve halve naked men. (I can imagine that not everyone would enjoy having naked men hanging in their room).

#21 Swear like an Australian Coloring book

Swear like an Australian coloring book for adults
A coloring book for adults

Coloring is not just for children, especially not with this coloring book that also teaches you how to swear like an Australian. In fact, keep this coloring book away from children, unless you want them to start swearing like an Australian.

#22 Australian Slang Dictionary

Australian slang dictionary
Australian slang dictionary

Another fun way to learn about the Australian language is this Australian slang dictionary, which will help any Australian-lover, understand even more of that country they love so much!

#23 Australian Cook Books

Australian Food Book
Australian Food Book

Australia may mostly be famous for their barbies, that doesn’t mean there are no other great Australian recipes to try at home! So an Australian cookbook is a great way to taste a bit of Australia at home! What makes this one of the best Australian gifts is that you also benefit from it. Well, assuming they will cook an Aussie meal for you of course.

Check out The Best Authentic Australian Cookbook or this book by Bill Granger.

#24 Aussie Slang Fridge Magnets

Australian gifts: slang fridge magnets

Photo courtesy of Bits of Australia

These Slang fridge magnets go perfectly with the Aussie slang dictionary and help any Australia-lover practice that funny Australian slang. Of course, you could also opt for more regular Australian fridge magnets, such as this one. But let’s be honest, the slang ones are definitely one of the more unique Australian gifts ideas.

#25 Australian keychains

Koala keychain

Key chains are perfect small Australian gifts. You can find keychains with koalas and kangaroos, the flag of Australia, and more which you can check out here.

25 Awesome Australian gifts

Alrighty, these were 25 Australian gift ideas for anyone who is looking for the perfect thing to give to an Aussie -lover!  Which one did you like best, or which one did you end up buying? Did they like it?

If you still haven’t found what you were looking for, shoot me a message of what kind of gift you want to give or what kind of person you are trying to find a gift for and I will do my very best to help you in your quest!