Are you trying to gather all your Christmas gifts and do have to find gifts for camping lovers? I’ve got you covered with these 25 best camping gifts! From useful camping gear gifts to cute ones. And of course the best camping gifts for men (including dad) and women. So you will be able to check the camping lover gifts off your Christmas shopping to-do list!

Save these unique camping gifts for later

Don’t forget to save these cool camping gifts for later when you need to find the best camping gifts for dad (for father’s day) or mom (for mother’s day) or him (for valentine’s day) or perhaps just for their birthday!

The best camping gifts for large budgets

#1 Survival camping gifts kit

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Camping is super fun, peaceful, and good for the mind. Well, it should be and can be, if you are completely prepared when you go camping!

And that is exactly what these camping gear gifts are for! This adventure survival kit includes literally everything they need to enjoy their trip! The kit includes:

  • A flashlight
  • Water purification tablets
  • A compass
  • A wire saw
  • Reflective trail markers (so they can find their way back)
  • Waterproof matches

So with this present, you no longer have to worry about your outdoor lover’s safety!

#2 Camping hammock

Lightweight double camping hammock

This lightweight double camping hammock is one of the best camping gifts for people who love camping with warm enough temperatures so they can chill in a hammock!

#3 Camping gear gifts: portable camp grill and fire

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This is probably one of the most expensive camping gifts on this list, but since it’s a super cool and practical one, I decided to include it anyway. So if you have a bit (read a lot) of extra money to spend on your camping gear gifts, I would suggest checking out the portable camp grill and fire.

It’s super useful for people who go out camping a lot. With this set, they can boil, cook, and generate power wherever they need to! They can even charge their phones while preparing their meals! Now that’s luxurious camping, isn’t it?

#4 Camping gear gifts for coffee lovers

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Whoever thought that camping always involved (not-so-tasteful) instant coffee has never camped with a real coffee lover. Because real coffee addicts just take an espresso-style camping coffee maker with them, so they don’t have to deal with the instant coffee crap.

So if you were looking for camping gifts for men or women who love coffee, this is the perfect gift for you!

Or check out these 25 coffee gifts for more unique gifts for coffee lovers.

#5 Navigation flask: cool camping gifts

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If you are looking for the best camping gear gifts for people who love the outdoor, but also a drink, or for people whose first question after having arrived at a beautiful spot is: “where’s the alcohol?”.  This is the perfect gift for you, a navigation flask.

Right, so what is a navigation flask?

Well, it’s a flask in which they can keep their drinks cold (or warm). But what makes this flask special is the fact that it comes with a flashlight, two shot glasses, a bottle opener, and a compass, so they will still find their way back (even after finishing the entire flask).

#6 Coats


Warm, waterproof, wind-resistant and comfortable coats, such as this one by camel, are the best gifts for camping lovers!

The only disadvantage of coast as gifts is that they are slightly expensive, but other than that they are perfect.

#7 unique camping gifts box

Photo courtesy of Man Crates

Man Crates offers complete outdoor survival ammo cans that are perfect gifts for camping lovers.

From survival food such as beef jerky and energy bars to a paracord, blanket, and glow stick, this box includes everything camping lovers need to survive a day in the wild!

Oh and in case you are looking for cool camping gifts for beginner campers, this is still a great gift idea. because on top of all the essential tools, it also comes with an army survival field manual, so they can learn how to survive!

#8 Foraging tool kit

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Camping gear gifts are all designed to help them survive, but none of these gifts actually also thought about collecting food to survive. And that is exactly why this foraging tool kit is a cool and unique gift.

It comes with a mushroom knife, maple sugaring spile, and bags in which they can collect all the food for their meal. Now, this is a real gift that will help them get back to the basics!

#9 Complete camping cooking set

Camping cooking set
Camping cooking set

Make sure your friends or relatives can camp without worries with this complete outdoor cooking set! It includes everything they need to prepare a delicious meal outdoors (except for the actual fuel to heat it up).

The cooking set includes: one pot and one pan, a tripod, sporks and spoons, a mini stove, bowls and a spatuala.

#10 Camping gadget gifts: LED Speakers

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I know, I know, many campers actually go camping for peace, quietness, and the beauty of the sound of nature, and that makes 100% sense. But in some cases, campers also enjoy a bit of background music. And no one enjoys crappy quality phone sounds. So speakers are great camping gifts ideas. Especially if you get a LED speaker which not only provides sounds, but also light!

The best camping gifts for mid budgets

#11 Camping books

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Books about camping and survival are always great gifts for camping lovers and there are quite a few to chose from.

For example, A Girl’s Guide to the Wild is a great empowering book for younger girls who love the outdoors or who would like to learn more about it. It’s filled with tips, facts, camping recipes, and inspiration for their next outdoor adventure!

If you are looking for camping gifts for men you may want to go for more general camping books such as The New Camp Cookbook or The Bush Craft Boxed set.

#12 Water filters

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People who go out camping anywhere in the wild need a safe source of water and water from lakes or streams is not always safe to drink. They can’t possibly take enough water for an entire week, which is why this water filter by LifeStraw is one of the best camping gear gifts!

It allows them to drink water anywhere without getting sick!

Other alternatives to drink water safely include water bottles with filters, which basically do the same as the straw, except they can just drink from a bottle, which is a bit easier!

Or you could get them a regular water bottle and this life straw, so they can just fill the bottles instead of drinking directly from a lake!

In that case, check out this super cool storage water bottle which also allows them to save their keys, money, and other stuff with the water bottle.

#13 Pocket blanket

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Camping can get pretty cold and of course, your camping lover is completely prepared with a super warm sleeping bag, but something they need even more! And that is when your blanket comes in!

This pocket blanket is super small and light which makes it easy to be taken on a camping trip. Yet, it offers sufficient warmth during a cold dark night. So which outdoor person wouldn’t want that?

#14 Camping gear gifts: portable fire

A campfire with mashmellows
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Campfires are a part of camping. I mean what is camping without making s’mores and chilling by warm and cozy fire?

But the downside of making a fire is that you need dry wood (which you probably need to find yourself) and it’s smelly and leaves ashes, but now your found one of the best camping gear gifts that will take away this burden!

With this portable fire set, you can give them the opportunity to start a fire anywhere without the trouble of finding wood and starting the actual fire!

#15 Camping gear gifts: LED Beanie

Photo courtesy of Prezzybox

All gifts that help campers light up their campsite can be considered useful camping gear gifts, but what makes this LED beanie an even better gift, is the fact that it also keeps their head warm. And well, we all know how cold it can get during the night. But with this beanie hat, you save them from the cold and the dark, because it comes with a light.

#16 Camping mugs

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Mugs are super useful camping gear gifts because when you are out and about in the middle of nowhere, you do need a glass or a cup to drink from. But you also have to carry everything around, so it can’t be too big, heavy, and impractical. This stainless steel camping mug comes with a clipper, so they can just hang it outside their backpacks and it won’t take up any space. And it has a fire design, which is a pretty good match for someone who goes camping.  

Alternatively, you could get this lighted tumbler, which gives light and keeps their drink warm! Or get

#17 Collapsible cooking pots

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Outdoor and camping loving people also love to prepare their own meals when they’re out camping. But in order to do that, they do need equipment. And that is where your gift comes in: a collapsible cooking pot.

Let’s assume they already have a small stove or portable fire on which they can cook. Now they need pots and pans to actually cook. But campers who also love to hike a lot don’t want to carry around heavy and impractical pots and pans, they want something small and light. And that’s exactly what this collapsible pot it. If needed it can be opened for cooking, but after that, it can be folded into a small package that is easily stored in a backpack!

The cooking pots come in different sizes, from very tiny, to quite large pots.

#18 Fire starter bracelet

Photo courtesy of The Grommet

If you are looking for camping gifts for dad than this fire starter bracelet with fishing lines and a hook might be the perfect gift!

It’s a pretty tough looking accessory which makes it a good gift for men, but it is also practical. As they can use it to start a fire ánd go fishing, which makes it perfect for fishing trips as well.

#19 Pocket warmer power bank

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You may have already noticed that most ideas on this list are super practical camping gadget gifts, and so is this pocket warmer power bank.

It combines two essential things for campers.

  1. Staying warm
  2. Staying charged

 #20 Tent fan

Tent fan
Tent fan

So far I have only talked about how cold it can get at night when camping. But the opposite can be true as well! And for those occasions, tent fans are the best camping gadget gifts.

This one also comes with a light and four different speed levels.

#21 Camping gear gifts set

camping gear set
camping gear set

Instead of giving one type of camping tool, why not go for a complete camping gear gifts set, such as this one?

With a survival set like this one, you can be sure that your camping lover friend will have all the tools to stay safe out there. (Whether they also have the knowledge is a second thing, but for that, I would recommend giving one of the camping books!).

These sets are perfect camping gifts for dad or men in general. It comes with:

  • Wire saw
  • Firestarter
  • Survival bracelet (like the one I also shared in this list)
  • Tactical pen
  • Saber car
  • Emergency blanket
  • Whistle
  • Flashlight
  • Clip
  • Umbrella rope
  • Carabiner
  • Screwdriver
  • First aid kit

The best camping gifts for small budgets

#22 Camping gear gifts: fast drying towels

Microfiber camping towel
Microfiber camping towel

Microfiber towels are super practical camping gadget gifts. These towels are specifically designed to be super lightweight and to dry incredibly fast, so camping lovers don’t have to wait for hours before they can pack their towels after showering for example.

#23 Waterproof notebooks

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Camping outdoors is not always fun and sunshine, sometimes you get rainy and shitty weather. And for those circumstances, it would be nice if they could still get their notebooks out and write down whichever thought they have, or the score of the game they are playing. And that is where these waterproof notebooks come in!

Or check out my other 25 travel journals for more cute journals.

#24 Camping socks

Funny socks about camping
Funny socks about camping

Okay these may not be the warmest socks for camping lovers out there, but the funny design makes them one of the best camping gifts, so that’s why I chose to include those.

But of course, you could also go for super warm socks, hiking socks, or these waterproof socks.

#25 Camping games

Funny camping game

A camping trip with a campfire is not complete without a great campfire game, so these games are perfect gifts for camping lovers.

Check out :

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Alright, these were my 25 awesome gifts for camping lovers! I hope you found the best camping gifts for dad, mom, or whoever this gift is for! Let me know in the comments which gift you decided to buy! And don’t forget to save this post for the next time you have to get someone camping gifts!

25 best camping gifts ideas