Are you looking for authentic German gifts for the Germanophile in your life? Or are you looking for German gift ideas for your Christmas shopping list? As a Dutchie with a German grandmother, I did my absolute best to find 25 fun, random, and unique Germany gifts for you! From typical gifts from Germany, such as beer and gingerbread to cool home decorative items to funny books about Germany! You can find all sorts of German gift ideas on this list!

Random side note on these German gifts

Before we continue to the 25 Germany gifts, I just wanted to share a fun fact because I simply love fun facts. But feel free to skip this part and continue to the gifts for Germany lovers.

I already introduced the word “Germanophile” in the introduction. It’s the name for someone who loves Germany. But did you know you could also call them Teutonophiles or Teutophiles?

Yeah, that’s something I learned while writing this post. Thought it was worth sharing. Though, I have no idea where the Teut-part came from. If you do know, please share in the comments and educate me and your fellow readers!

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German gifts for large budgets

#1 Oktoberfest brewing kit

October fest brewing kit

Are you looking for German gift ideas for someone who loves German beer or Oktoberfest? This DIY brewing kit for an Oktoberfest Ale is the perfect gift for them!

#2 Beer gifts from Germany

Photo courtesy of Craft Beer Kings

If you are looking for gifts from Germany for someone who loves beer, but who is too lazy to brew their own, the previous gift may not be the best idea for you.

In that case, I would suggest this German Breweries Craft beer case!

It includes twelve or eight different German beers for them to try, and all they have to do is open the beer and enjoy!

#3 Beer mug gifts from Germany

German beer mug

Here is another great gift for people who love German beer, a traditional German beer mug.

They are called steins, the ceramic mugs are usually beautifully decorated, just like this one in the German theme!

#4 More Germany gifts for beer lovers: beer cap map

Beer cap map of Germany

I promise this is the last beer-related gift from Germany! But beer is simply a big thing in Germany and many Germanophiles love German beer, so I guess I couldn’t only add one German beer gift.

This map of Germany has holes that are perfect for beer caps, making it a beautiful home decor item for people who love Germany and beer!

#5 DIY mulled wine gift set

DIY mulled wine

Personally, I am not a big fan of mulled wine, except for the ones my grandmother makes on special occasions.

But mulled wine is one of the best gifts from Germany for wine lovers. With this DIY mulled wine gift set they can produce their own delicious hot beverage filled with rich spices!

It comes with traditional spices, a mesh spice mulling bag, a zesting grater, and of course brewing instructions for different types of mulled wine!

#6 German gifts for the home

Willkommen sign

If you are looking for Germany gifts for a Germanophile who can’t stop adding German stuff to their homes, these home decor items will surely make them happy!

Check out this Willkommen (Welcome) sign or this Volkswagen clock, or Amazon for more classic German things, such as a Cuckoo Clock. Which by the way, are really expensive, but super cool gifts.

#7 Ticket to ride Germany edition

Ticket to ride Germany edition

Ticket to Ride is a fun strategic board game that’s immensely popular across the globe. But what makes it even cooler, is that you can buy specifically for the country they love, such as Germany!

#8 German food gifts

Photo courtesy of The Taste of Germany

Are you looking for German gift ideas for a German living abroad who would love to taste a bit of home?

Taste of Germany offers multiple food gift boxes for that, such as this German Game Day Sampler. It includes real German Kartoffel Puffer, Frankfurter sausages, and curry ketchup!

#9 Lebkuchen: cool personalized German gifts

German Gifts: Ginger hearts
Photo courtesy of Etsy

If you are looking for the best personalized Christmas gifts for Germany lovers, these lebkuchen are the perfect gift!

First, what are lebkuchen?

Lebkuchen is a traditional type of gingerbread found in Germany and some other European countries. What’s cool is that you can add a personalized message to the bread that’s often shaped like a heart!

#10 German themed travel mug

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for German gift ideas for travelers, you need to find something small and practical, such as this German travel mug.

It’s perfect for people who love takeaway coffees, but who also care about the environment!

For more inspiration head over to the coffee lover gift guide or the sustainable traveler gift guide!

#11 German language course

Sign saying Love to learn
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

This is one of the best German gifts for Germanophiles who would love to return to Germany and be able to communicate with locals!

Udemy offers many different German courses within each price range, such as this basic beginner’s course for under 20$ or this more expensive, but complete German course.

Alternatively, check out the language books on Amazon.

#12 German themed Puzzles

German puzzle

This German-themed puzzle is one of the best Germany gifts for Teutonophiles who can’t travel to Germany right now!

With this puzzle, they can still see their beautiful beloved country and stay occupied!

#13 Football-related German gifts

German football jersey

Football (or soccer) is big in Germany. So if you are looking for gifts for a Germany lover or a German abroad, something related to foot usually works (if they are into football of course).

You can go for the German home jersey or something smaller related to the German team, such as a mug, a hat, or a scarf!

Alternatively, find out which German team they support and get them some team merchandise, such as this Bayern München shirt.

#14 German city wall art

Frankfurt skyline

Do you know which city they are from or which city they love? Then you can get them a cute city-related wall art item, such as this Frankfurt skyline at sunset. Check out Amazon for more cities and different design ideas.

If you are looking for something related to Berlin, I thought this vintage map wall art was really beautiful.

#15 Birkenstock footwear

Photo courtesy of Birkenstock

One of the most famous sandal brans from Germany is Birkenstock, a comfortable, yet reasonably fashionable sandal, perfect for traveling.

So if you are looking for gifts from Germany for travelers, Birkenstock sandals are always a good idea.

#16 German map cutting board

Piece of German land

Which Germanophile wouldn’t want a piece of their favorite country?

This super random, but fun gift actually gives them ownership of a part of Germany!

German gifts for mid budgets

#17 Pretzel gifts from Germany

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Which Germanophile doesn’t love those delicious German pretzels?

Generally speaking, imported pretzels won’t taste as good as the real pretzels from Germany. So if you want to give some the real taste of German pretzels, you need to come up with a different idea. And that is where the DIY German Pretzel kits come in.

There are two different kits you can choose from.

#18 German food gifts: cookbooks

If you are looking for gifts from Germany for a foodie, cookbooks might be a good idea. That way they can bring Germany to their home!

Some of the greatest cookbooks include

#19 German gifts: travel books

Travel books are the best German gift ideas for people who are going to Germany for a trip soon! Of course, don’t forget to check whether they already have a guidebook. But even if they do, you can also get a guidebook for a specific region or travel style (such as cycling) they are interested in.

I selected the four most popular travel guides that cover the entire country:

#20 More German gifts: fun books

I already talked about German cookbooks and travel books as good gifts for German lovers, and another one to add to the book list are these:

#21 German themed jewelry

Photo courtesy of Etsy

If you are looking for German gifts for her, this cute necklace in the shape of Germany with a heart is a cute and subtle gift!

#22 Map of Germany

Wooden map of Germany

Maps are great gifts for German lovers who would gladly decorate their entire home with things German-related.

There are plenty of maps on Amazon, so definitely check it out to find one you like. Some of my favorites include:

German gifts for small budgets

#23 German travel journal

German travel journal

This is one of the best German gift ideas for someone who is going to travel to Germany soon. In this German travel journal, they can collect all their memories of their trip! It also includes practical pages, such as packing lists and planning pages.

#24 German themed shirts

If you are looking for German gift ideas that are easy to take on a trip, shirts are the best gifts!

I thought this “I am not angry, I’m German” shirt was quite funny. Though personally, I don’t think German sounds angry, I know it does sound like that to many people.

Or check out other German-themed shirts on Amazon.

#25 German-themed socks

German-themed socks

If you are looking for gifts for German lovers who would prefer to show their affection for Germany a bit more subtle, these fun Oktoberfest socks are the perfect alternative!

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25 Awesome German gifts