Gifts for chili lovers can never be hot and spicy enough. But if you are looking for some more inspiration for fun, spicy, or unique chili gifts, I’ve got good news for you! For today’s post, I searched the web for hours, trying to find the best chili lovers gifts!

So do you know a chili lover or a spicy food lover? Those people who always add a bit of extra chili to any dish, who order the spiciest dish on the Indian menu without a blink. Or someone who even travels around with a hot sauce, because they simply add it to everything? If you do and you are looking for the best chili lover gifts, you came to the right place! Today we will cover 25 awesome chili gift ideas to surprise your spicy-loving friend!

Oh and before you think this is just another list with simple and regular chili lover gifts, think again!

Today’s gifts involve chilies from all over the world. So you’re chili lover friend, can still taste a bit of the world at home!

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25 gifts for chili lovers

Random side note on Chili lovers gifts

Before we continue to the 25 awesome chili lovers gifts, I do want to say something about spelling the word “chili”. Because I don’t want you to get distracted from the awesome gifts by my spelling.

So, when I started writing this list of the best chili gifts (for travelers), I was so confused by how to spell the word chili.

Is it one L, is it two LL? Does it end with an I or an E?

And then how to spell when it’s plural? Is it chilies or chilis? Or two LL?

So I did my research and as it turns out the British, American, and Latin American countries have different spellings, no wonder it’s so confusing. Anyways, I am sticking to the American spelling for this post, meaning that I will spell “Chili” with one L, ending on I, and the plural in chilies.

Not that anyone really cares how I spell it, but I just felt the need to explain it either way.   

Chili gifts at the high end budget

#1 Global hot sauce gift box

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This global hot sauce gift box is the perfect gift for spicy food lovers who travel around the world. Or people who like to taste from around the world!

The box includes hot sauces from Ethiopia, The United States of America, and two from India (one from the south and one from the north). So look no further if you were looking for hot and chili gifts ideas for travelers!

#2 Rare international chili collection

7 cans with red chili
Photo courtesy of Not On the High Street

The previous gift for chili lovers included some of the more common chilies from around the world and will always be popular among chili lovers. But if you are looking for more unique chili themed gifts then this set of seven rare chilies from across the globe might be an even better idea.

The set includes chilies from India, Spain, Syria, Kashmiri, Turkey, and Tunisia!

#3 A Make your own hot sauce kit

Hot sauces with funnel to make your own
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Food can never be hot and spicy enough for chili lovers, so why not let them make their own hot sauce?

With this gift, they can finally make the perfect personally adjusted hot sauce for them! They can never complain about the sauce anymore because this time they have made it themselves.

In case you are looking for more fun make it yourself food gifts, check out these 25 DIY food kits

#4 Microdose hot sauce

4 bottles of hot chili extract
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Chili lovers’ love for chili goes beyond the regular spicy dishes such as curries. No real chili lovers want more. And these extracts allow them to add a bit of chili to everything! From beer, whiskey, and cocktails to cookie dough, salads, and tea. Seriously, they can add these Pennsylvania-made extracts to anything they want to make it spicier.

#5 Around the world spicy nuts

Chili gifts box of nuts
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Yes, chili lovers also love food, but only if it’s hot & spicy. Luckily for them, you have found the perfect gift that combines three things they love:

  • Food
  • Chilies
  • Travel

This box of spicy nuts from around the world includes five global seasonings:

  • Caribbean jerk
  • Coconut curry Thai
  • Mexican spiced cocoa
  • Moroccan harissa lime
  • African Piri Piri.

Now that’s what I would call one of the best chili gifts for travelers!

#6 The super hot chili gifts set

Photo courtesy of Coolgift

This box with six different chilies is perfect for daring chili lovers! It includes the Carolina Reaper, which is the spiciest chili in the world. So anyone who calls themselves a chili-lover must have tried it at least once! The chilies get specier as you move up the stack. So they can ease into it and start with the mild sweat Ancho and build up to being to eat the spiciest chili in the world!

Chili gifts mid-range budget

#7 The F*ck that’s hot cookbook

book titled f*ck that's hot
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Judging by just the title this already seems like one of the funniest chili lovers gifts. On top of that, it also includes 70 recipes from across the globe. Obviously, these are super spicy dishes. So if the chili-lover you are getting this gift for also enjoys cooking, I would definitely recommend the F*ck That’s Hot Cookbook

#8 Spicy chili jam trio

Chili gifts set of jam
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

When thinking of the best chili gifts for chili lovers, jam is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Who would have thought that something sweet like jam would also be tasty with chili?

Well, only one way to find out. Or actually two. By giving it as a gift and wait for them to tell you if it was good or not.

And that is exactly what makes this Spicy Chili Jam Trio the perfect gift. It is random, funny, and probably also something new!

#9 Chili gifts set of socks

Sock gifts for chili lovers
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

How can I make a list of the best gifts for chili lovers without including socks with chilies? Everybody loves socks and especially if you are trying to find a gift for a traveling chili lover, socks are things they will actually take with them on a trip!

And what is even greater about this gift is that it’s not just chili-inspired socks, it’s a complete gift set!

#10 African hot sauce trio

Three hot sauce bottles
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Generally speaking, Africa is not the first destination that comes to mind when you think of spicy food. Perhaps your chili-loving friend has never even been to Africa. Or perhaps they love Africa and its food. Either way, it makes this African hot sauce trio one of the best chili themed gifts!

The product is handmade in Swaziland and includes three flavors:

  • Pineapple
  • Chipotle
  • Cayenne

#11 Chili earrings

Earing in the shape of chilies
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

If you are looking for chili gifts for women, these chili stud earrings are the perfect gift! (Of course, you could also get them for males who wear earrings like this).

How awesome if they can actually wear their favorite ingredient?

The earrings are available in silver and in gold. 

#12 Mexican dried chilies

Sacks of dried chilis
Photo courtesy of South Devon Chili Farm

Mexico is heaven for chili lovers and I am sure most of them already know that. So if you get them a gift that includes dried chilies from Mexico, I guarantee they will love you for that!

Check out this set of five traditionally Mexican chilies, it includes the following:

  • Guajillo
  • Ancho Mulato
  • Ancho Poblano
  • Chipotle Morita
  • Pasilla

#13 Personalized hot sauces

Personalized hot sauce bottle
Photo courtesy of Firebox

One of the best-personalized chili gifts is this personalized hot sauce! It includes three sauces, Jalapeno Peper Sauce, Piri Piri sauce, and Cayenne hot chili sauce. The cool thing about this gift is that you can adjust the label with the name of the person whom you’re getting this gift for!

The only downside of this gift is the fact that they only deliver in the UK.

#14 Booze infused hot sauce

three bottles of booze infused hot sauce
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If you are not getting them a personalized hot sauce, you may want to get them an alcoholic hot sauce, such as this set of three booze-infused hot sauces. They make awesome chili themed gifts for people who also love a drink (or two).

The three boozes include:

  • Tequila
  • Bourbon
  • Moonshire

Chili gifts for small budgets

#15 Chili flavored tea

Tea gifts for chili lovers
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

This Oolong “around the fire” tea is perfect for chili lovers who also enjoy the Danish Hygge lifestyle (the brand that makes the tea is called Hoogly which is the adjective of Hygge). The tea is a blend of Taiwanese and Chinese ingredients, and of course, the chili seeds to add a bit of spice to the tea!

Also check out these 25 tea gift ideas if you’re looking for gifts for tea lovers!

#16 A handmade sweet and savory hot sauce duo

Two bottles of chili sauce
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Handmade chili lovers gifts are always the best, so this duo of sweet and savory hot sauce is perfect for your friend who cannot get enough of spicy. Especially since this means they can even get their sweets spicy!

The duo is handmade in New York City, which is also pretty cool because New York City is generally not the first place people think about when talking about chilies and spicy food!

#17 Szechuan Chili Oil

Szechuan chili oil
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for chili gifts for someone who also loves China? Or at least loves Chinese food and flavors? Then this Szechuan Chili Oil is the perfect gift for them.

It’s made by a chef who combines eleven Chinese spices with the Szechuan peppercorn to make this spicy chili oil that you can use to bake your veggies, meat, and basically anything to which you would like to add a little bit of chili!

#18 You’re hotter card

A card of a chili saying you're hotter
Photo courtesy of Not On the High Street

If you are looking for gifts for chili lovers who are going to travel, you don’t want to give anything big that they can’t take with them on their trip. In that case, this chili-inspired card is the perfect alternative!

Also, if you are looking for valentine gifts for chili lovers then this card is for you!

#19 A chili peppers of the world dish towel

A towel with chilies from the world
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Perhaps your chili lover already knows a lot about chilies, but I bet they don’t know all the chili peppers of the world. So this dish towel is a great gift to educate them on that, so they know which chilies they still need to try!

#20 Hot shot tequila hot sauce

Tequilla hot sauce
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

Tequila and Mexico lovers will surely love this gift. A chili hot sauce with a bit of tequila, who wouldn’t want that?

So for those who a looking for gifts for chili lovers and tequila and Mexico lovers here is your gift! (Don’t forget to check out these Mexican gifts for more inspiration!

#21 Instant regret chocolate

A chocolate bar with chili
Photo courtesy of Firebox

The name of this gift already suggests that it’s not made for everyone. You either have to be a real chili lover or a real daredevil. This Instant regret chocolate includes a very spicy chili extract, so it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Or of course, you could also just buy this gift to tease someone and watch them suffer while trying to eat spicy chocolate. It’s all up to you. The website warns for a scorching bout of uncontrollable hiccups, so don’t forget to warn the person you are giving it to!

#22 I’m a little chili notebook

I’m a little chili book

For chili-loving travelers, a notebook that reminds them of their great love is always a good idea. That is why this “I’m a little Chili Notebook” is one of the fun cheap chili gifts. Most travelers take a notebook or travel journal with them, so this gift will actually come with them on the road!

#23 Chili wall art

Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

Get your chili-loving friend something to decorate their house with such as this chili-inspired wall art! It makes the house look colorful and it’s chili, what else could you want?

The print is available in A4 and A3 format and the frame is not included, so you may want to get a frame too in order to finish off the gift!

#24 Chili key ring

A chili key ring
Photo courtesy of South Devon Chili Farm

Finding gifts for chili lovers who travel is very hard because you don’t want them to carry around too much weight. In those cases, a keyring such as this chili-inspired one, is always a good idea.

It’s small, funny, personal and it reminds them of you every time they see that keyring hanging on their bags. Or check out Amazon for more alternatives.

#25 Chili growing kit

Photo courtesy of South Devon Chilli Farm

I will finish this list of 25 chili gifts with one of the best, a do-it-yourself grow chili kit! Things from your own garden always taste better than in the shop, so give your friend a chance to make their own delicious chilies!

The kit includes full instructions and 4 different chilies to grow!

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25 gifts for chili lovers