Are you looking for the best Florida gifts for travelers? Or are you looking for cool gifts for Florida lovers, residents, or locals who moved abroad? In today’s post, you will find the 25 best Florida state gifts, some funny, some beautiful, some very practical for travelers, but all of them perfect for a Florida fan!

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#1 Florida State Gifts: Wine Cork Map

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for the best gifts for Florida lovers who are also vivid wine lovers? This is the perfect gift for you.

It’s a wooden map of Florida. Except, this map has special holes for wine corks. So they can decorate their own map with wine corks of their favorite wines. Besides giving a beautiful wall decoration, you are also giving them another reason to open up a wine.

I don’t think a gift for Florida and wine lovers can get any better than that.

#2 Florida State Gifts: Beer Cap Map

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Did you really like the idea of combining someone’s love for Florida with their love for their favorite drink? But are you looking for Florida gift ideas for someone who is more into beer instead of wine?

You just found yourself the perfect gift too!

A map in the shape of Florida, except this time the holes are not perfect to fit a wine cork, but to fit beer caps!

By the time the map is filled with beer caps, it’s a beautiful and colorful wall decorative item!

#3 Jewelry Gifts For Florida Lovers

Photo courtesy of The Grommet

Which Florida lover doesn’t want to show their love for Florida to the world?

However, some may want a more subtle way of showing it. And for those people, this cute necklace in the shape of Florida with a heart is the best gift.

It also works great for Florida natives who are going on a  long term trip, since a necklace is small and light enough for them to take!

#4 Magnetic Wooden Florida Map Key Holder

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This magnetic key holder in the shape of Florida is the best gift for people who never know where they left their keys at home. With this magnetic holder, they can always place their keys at the place they love the most, Florida!

So they will always know where to looking when they’ve lost their keys again.

#5 Florida State Picture Frame

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This picture frame in the shape of Florida is one of the best Florida gifts for travelers who just returned from an awesome Florida trip.

They can select their favorite picture of their trip and hang it in this Florida picture frame.

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#6 Florida Home Night Light

Photo courtesy of The Grommet

This cute night light is one of the best gifts for Florida lovers who moved out of state and who would love to add a little piece from home to their new homes!

#7 Florida Animated Map

Photo courtesy of The Grommet

This animated watercolor print of Florida is another one of the great gifts for Florida lovers who would love to decorate their entire home with Florida stuff!

#8 Florida Gifts For Travelers: Guidebooks

The best Florida gifts for travelers who love traveling around Florida are of course guidebooks to help them explore all the state’s highlights!

Before you buy a guidebook, it may be worth checking which guidebooks they already have. But even if they already have one, you can still get them a travel book for a specific region or one that covers all hikes or national parks for example.

I collected a few of the best Florida guidebooks you can chose from.

  • DK Eyewitness’ Florida. DK Eyewitness’ guidebooks are very well known for their beautiful photography
  • Lonely Planet’s Florida. Lonely Planet’s are one of the most popular guidebooks among budget travelers.
  • Fodor’s Travel Florida. A great guidebook for all types of travelers.
  • Florida Day trips. Perfect for people who are staying in Florida for the long term (or locals), who can explore the state through day trips.
  • Florida Backroads Travel. Perfect for people who love doing off-beat road trips.
  • The Couple’s Adventure: 80 Ideas To See, Hear, Taste, and Try In Florida. The best guidebook for couples who love traveling to Florida.
  • Florida State Parks. Perfect for seasoned Florida travelers who don’t need a general guidebook anymore. This one takes them to all the state’s national parks!
  • 50 Hikes in Central Florida. Another great book for people who have already seen quite a lot of Florida, this guidebook can take them to hidden gems in Centra Florida. It’s also a great gift idea for locals who most likely, never knew there were so many beautiful hikes close to their home.

#9 Florida Gifts Ideas: Local Liquor

Photo courtesy of Drizly

If you are looking for Florida gifts ideas for people who love a drink or two, local Florida liquor is the best thing you can get them.

Some of the most popular liquors you can think off are the Florida produced gins and bourbons.

Or check out my gin lover gift guide or whiskey lovers gift guide for more inspiration.

#10 City Gifts for Florida Lovers

Photo courtesy of Etsy

If you are looking for gifts for Florida lovers who have a special love for Miami, this beautiful laser-cut map is the perfect gift for them! Or these cool wine glasses with the Miami skyline etched.

No worries if you are looking for gifts related to other cities than Miami. Check out Etsy for a lot more inspiration, such as these beautiful prints of Orlando, or Tampa.

#11 Book Gifts For Florida Lovers

Which Florida lover doesn’t love reading about their favorite state?

There are many fun or interesting books about Florida which would work perfectly as a gift.

To give you an idea of all the books you can chose from:

  • The Great Book of Florida. The Crazy History of Florida With Amazing Random Facts & Trivia. The best book for people who love random facts and trivia and a bit of history.
  • Oh, Florida. How America’s Weirdest State Influences the Rest of the Country. A New York Times bestseller about the funny and weird state of Florida.
  • Best. State. Ever. A Florida Man Defends His Homeland. Another New York Times bestseller about Florida and one man’s love for his state.
  • Hidden History of Florida. Part of the Hidden History series, this book covers everything a history fan would love to know about Florida.
  • Weird Florida: Your Guide to Florida’s Local Legends and Best kept Secrets. The best book for people who enjoy random local legends.
  • Florida’s Living Beaches: A Guide For The Curious Beachcomber. A great book for someone interested in the beach and sea and wildlife.

#12 Florida Cookbooks

If you are looking for the best Florida gifts for travelers and locals alike, cookbooks are the best option! Cookbooks can help them to replicate the taste of Florida wherever they are. Locals might learn new local recipes they didn’t even know were local. And travelers can share their passion for Florida with friends and family by preparing a real Florida meal.

Here are some ideas for great Florida cookbooks

  • Best Of The Best From Florida Cookbook. A selection of some of the best Florida recipes bundled in a small cookbook. Perfect for people who would like to try a bit of everything.
  • The Key West Key Lime Pie Cookbook. The best cookbooks for people who love Key West or of Lime pies. The book includes 150,000 varieties of Key West’s signature dish! And no, that is not one zero too many
  • Florida Keys & Key West Chef’s Table. Another cookbook with recipes from Key West and the Keys. Expect this t8ime it’s not just pies, but all sorts of recipes.
  • Betty Jo’s Famous Cowboy Cookin’. From the kitchen and ranch of a Florida/Alabama Grandma. I don’t know what it is with grandmothers and cooking, but for some reason, their cooking is always delicious! I already shared this cookbook when I talked about the best Alabama gifts, but since Betty Jo is a Florida/Alabama grandmother, I thought it was worth sharing in my Florida gifts ideas too.
  • A Culinary History of Florida. A book that covers 12.000 years of cooking in Florida. From the first pears by the Paleo-Indians to all the later influences from the French, Spanish, Cubans, and more. This book covers everything you always wanted to know about Florida’s culinary history.
  • Good Catch: Recipes & Stories Celebrating The Best Of Florida’s Waters. The best Florida cookbook for people who love seafood.

#13 Florida State Wall Mounted Opener

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This wooden wall mounted opener is a great gift for someone who loves beer and Florida. They can decorate their home with a beautiful map of Florida that’s not only pretty, but also practical.

#14 Florida Sate Gifts: Wall Hooks

Wall hooks in the shape of states
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

These Florida shapes wall hooks are another example of practical, yet fun Florida gifts!

#15 Florida Jigsaw Puzzles

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Jigsaw puzzles are great gifts to keep travelers occupied when they can’t travel, especially if it’s a puzzle of the place they love the most, such as this Florida puzzle!

#16 Florida State Gifts: Cutting Board

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for gifts for Florida lovers who also enjoy cooking? Another cool gift, besides the Florida cookbooks, is this wooden cutting board in the shape of Florida.  

#17 Food Gifts For Florida Lovers

Photo courtesy of Norman Love Confections

If you say Florida sweets, Norman chocolate is one of the first thing people will think about.

So if you want to treat someone with Florida food gifts, a chocolate box from the local Florida Norman is the best gift.

#18 Florida Oranges Gifts

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Florida is not only famous as the sunshine state, but also as the orange state. So if you are looking for authentic Florida gifts, Florida oranges gifts have to be included.

And this Tortuga Orange Rum Cake is a great gift for people who love Florida food. Another cool Florida oranges gift is this book about the history of oranges in Florida.

#19 Florida Shirts

Photo courtesy of Etsy

Another practical travel gift for Florida lovers is a t-shirt they can easily pack, such as this cute one.

#20 Florida themed gifts: Monopoly

Photo courtesy of Amazon

One of the best Florida themed gifts is Florida board game, such as this version of Monopoly.

It includes all their favorite places in Florida!

Another Florida-themed game is this version of checkers.

#21 Florida Themed Travel Mugs

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Travel mugs are super useful gifts for travelers who love coffee to-o, but who care about the environment too!

With a travel mug they can skip the disposable cups and still enjoy a coffee every day.

And what’s better than sipping coffee from a sustainable mug of your favorite place on earth!

I thought this Miami travel mug was cute, but check out Zazzle for more inspiration.

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#22 Keychain

Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for the best Florida gifts for travelers to show them you still love them even though they are traveling far away. This keychain is the perfect gift!

It’s small enough for travelers to take on a trip, yet it reminds them Florida and you!

#23 Florida Gifts For Travelers: Journal

Photo courtesy of Amazon

A travel journal specifically for Florida is a great gift for someone who is about to travel to Florida. They can keep track of their experiences, make packing lists, and travel plans. And when they return home, they will have a great memory book of their trip.

#24 Florida Wall Art

Photo courtesy of Etsy

This retro print wall art is a cool gift for Florida lovers who would love to decorate their homes with Florida related items.

If you prefer other prints, check out Etsy for more wall art ideas.

#25 Florida Themed Tote Bags

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for practical Florida gifts for travelers, tote bags are a good idea. They are small, light, and very useful for travelers on a trip!

I quite like this one with the flamingo, but check out Zazzle for more inspiration.

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