I think we can all agree on the fact that 2020 is a special year for anyone, including travelers. And that is also why the best travel gifts for 2020 are special too. Since most travelers are staying home or traveling locally, the 2020 travel gift guide includes fun gifts for travelers at home, unique ways to keep them occupied and dreaming about traveling. Yes, the travel gift ideas for 2020 are focused on easing the pain of not being able to travel, from fun travel-related games to beautiful home decor items for travelers, let’s have a look at the 25 unique 2020 travel gifts!

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The Best Travel Gifts For 2020 Over 30$

#1 Photography Courses

The 2020 travel gift guide will be filled with things to do at home for travelers, and giving a cool course to keep them occupied is definitely a good idea!

Most travelers love taking photos of all the places they visit, so why not give them something to help them take even better pictures!

Udemy offers many great online courses on photography, so pick one that matches their preferences and your budget such as this one to help them take better pictures with their iPhone.

A cheaper alternative to online course are photohraphy course books, such as this one on Amazon.

#2 Online Language Course

Another great thing to do for travelers when they can’t travel is to focus on their language skills to improve their experience next time they travel!

Again, Udemy offers many awesome online language courses between 30-200$. Whether they want to learn how to speak Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, or Arabic, you can find almost any language online!

#3 Travel-themed Games

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Another fun way to keep travelers occupied is by playing travel-themed games such as Trekking The World. A strategic game where they have to avoid tourist traps ad discover beautiful destinations.

Another fun travel game is Ticket To Ride. They have different editions so you can pick their favorite destination, such as

#4 DIY International Food Making Kits

DIT Greek yoghurt set
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Homemade food is always better than supermarket products, especially if it’s imported food!

So if you are looking for the best travel gift for 2020 for foodies, check out these DIY food kits.

Check out my destination guides for more DIY food kit inspiration!

For people who prefer international drinks over food, check out the next item on this 2020 travel gift guide.

#5 DIY International Drinks Kits

A bag and beer brew
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

No worries if you are getting gifts for someone who is not quite a master chef, but who is a master bar tender or bar sitter.

These awesome DIY international drinks are the perfect gifts for them:

Again, head over to my destination section if you want to find the best DIY drink kit for a certain country.

#6 Rare International Chili Box

7 cans with red chili
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

This is one of the most unique travel gifts for 2020 chili lovers! A collection of seven different international chilies. It includes chilies from India, Spain, Syria, Turkey, and more. 

#7 2020’s Best Travel Gifts Tasting Boxes

Tea gifts set
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

International tasting boxes are another great gift for traveling foodies who are really great cooks.

With tasting boxes they don’t have to prepare any meal, all they have to do is taste and decide which country’s flavor is their favorite.

Some of the tasting boxes you can think off are:

For more tasting boxes for specific types of foods and drinks, check out the food section of The Best Travel Gifts!

#8 Travel Inspired Lego

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lego may be one of the best travel gift ideas for 2020 for people who love building and who need to get out their inner child because that is exactly what Lego does!

There are a few different Lego architecture boxes from across the globe, such as London and New York. For more cities, check out Amazon here.  

#9 Local Travel Experiences

Me exploring cool things close to home.

With everyone traveling close to home, you may be able to find a cool local travel experience you can give.

Of course, this only applies if you’re currently in a country that allows travel. Or you could give a voucher for a travel experience of course.

The Best Travel Gifts For 2020 Under 30$

#10 World Maps

Heart world map wall art
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

World maps are always good travel gifts, but even more so in a year when physical travel is limited.

For unique travel gifts for 2020 check out my complete list of 25 awesome world map wall art ideas! It includes this cute map made out of hearts and many more cool ideas, such as glow in the dark maps and stamp maps!

#11 Entertainment Memberships

If you are looking for a gift to keep travelers occupied and happy while they can’t travel, a membership or a gift card for a membership to streaming services can be a great gift.

Think of service such as

#12 Travel Hacking Courses

The 2020 gift guide is all about getting them ready for when traveling is opening up again. And the travel hacking courses on Udemy are perfect for that.

Again they offer a wide range of courses, such as this course about how to travel the world for cheap which is perfect for backpackers!

#13 The 2020 Travel Gift Guide To Books

If they can’t travel physically, you can help them to travel mentally through books about travel or books that transport them to the country they love the most.

To give you some inspiration for books, I selected a few of the all-time favorites.

If you are looking for specific books about certain destinations, check out my destination gift guides, as I always include a few cool books to give.

#14 The 2020 Travel Gift Guide To Cookbooks

The best travel gift ideas for 2020 are things they can do at home, and what’s better than cooking dishes from across the globe? That way they can indulge themselves in travel through food!

Here is a list of all sorts of international cookbooks to help you make a decision.

#15 Travel Inspired Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzle of white houses at the sea
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Jigsaw puzzles are the perfect travel gifts for 2020, since everyone has a lot of time at home to finish them!

There are plenty of travel inspired puzzles, such as the Santorini one I shared in my Greece Travel guide as well.

Alternatively, check out this world map puzzle. Or check the puzzles in my country specific guides.

#16 Memory Box

Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is a great gift for travelers who always keep the tickets of everything, but never know what to do with the tickets in the end.

With this box they can create a beautiful memory box!

#17 Travel Piggy Bank

Photo courtesy of Amazon

One of the best travel gift ideas for 2020 is to help them find a way to save up for when they can get back to traveling, and this piggy bank is just perfect for that! I’ll admit it is not one of the most unique travel gifts for 2020, but it sure is one of the most practical.

The Best Travel Gifts For 2020 Under 15$

#18 World Map Socks

Photo courtesy of Amazon

The best travel gift ideas for 2020 are gifts that help them travel without actually traveling, such as these cool world map socks!

#19 Vintage Travel Posters

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Travel posters are another way to help them travel without leaving home.

I personally love the vintage travel designs, such as these ones from US National parks.

Check out Amazon for more vintage poster from other countries.

#20 The Best Travel Gifts For 2020: Personalized Facemask

Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

As I said the best travel gifts for 2020 are a bit different than others, as the face mask has become one of the most important item to bring anywhere you go.

So if you are looking for gift ideas for someone who is still traveling locally, a face mask is a good idea.

Though, instead of a boring one, you can get a personalized facemask or a travel-inspired one, such as this one with a koala for the Auzzie obsessed travelers!

#21 The Best Travel Gifts For 2020: Keychain Hand Sanitizers

Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

One of the most useful travel gift ideas for 2020, a hand sanitizer holder they can attach to their keychain. So they can clean their hand everywhere and stay safe and healthy!

#22 Photo Album Gift Card

Photo courtesy of Shutterfly

One benefit of not traveling, is that travelers finally have time to finish those photo albums from trips they took years ago. So one of the unqiue travel gifts for 2020 is to give them a gift card to make their own photo albums!

Shutterfly delivers beautiful photo gifts and albums internationally. So with a gift card from Shutterfly, you give them the opportunity to make a photo album online or pick a canvas print of their favorite travel photo.

You can decide on the budget for the card yourself.

#23 Travel Coloring Books For Adults

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Adult coloring books are great activity books for adults who like to get creative and who can’t relax without doing something.

This travel inspired one from the Lonely Planet is perfect for travelers!

Two other adult coloring books I really like were the Swear like an Australian coloring book  and the British swear word one.

I shared both of these in my Australian gift guide and UK gift guide as well. 

#24 Activity Book For Adults

Photo courtesy of Amazon

If all these travel gift ideas for 2020 didn’t convince, perhaps this activity book adults might be a good gift.

I think many travelers who can’t travel right now, need some ideas of what else they can do with their lives, and that is when an “I’m still f*cking bored” book comes in very handy!

#25 Travel Trivia Game

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Another fun gift to keep travelers entertain at home, is this box of 50 travel trivia questions.

Save The Best Travel Gifts For 2020

Allright, these were all my 25 unique travel giftd 2020! Let’s hope 2021 will be a better year for travel, so that next year’s travel guide will include more travel gift ideas for people who are actually traveling instead of staying home!

But for this year, which gift did you end up getting? Share it in the comment.

The best travel gifts for 2020