Are you looking for the best gifts for coffee lovers who travel that go beyond the classic travel mugs? You came to the right place! In today’s post, I will share the 25 best coffee gifts for travelers. And since I am a hugeeee coffee ánd travel lover myself, putting together this list was a piece of cake! Oh and don’t get me wrong, I think travel mugs are absolutely useful coffee lover gifts, they’re just not very original.

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Gifts for coffee lovers with large budgets

#1 Portable mini espresso maker

Portable espresso maker

I will start this list with one of the very best gifts for coffee lovers who travel, a portable espresso maker!

Yes, with this gift coffee lovers can make a delicious espresso wherever they go. They don’t need to be in Italy for a good espresso, they can just be in the middle of the jungle or the north pole and still make a good and strong espresso, as they would get in Italy!

#2 Camping espresso maker

Stainless steel coffee camping set
Photo courtesy of The Grommet

For camping and outdoor lovers who also love coffee, this espresso-style camping coffee maker is the perfect gift!

It allows them to brew proper coffee even when they are out in the bush. So at least they won’t have to put up with the tasteless instant coffee!

In case you are looking for more cool gifts for outdoor lovers or camping lovers, check out my camping gift guide to find more ideas!

#3 Portable cold brew coffee maker

Photo courtesy of The Grommet

One of the reasons why this list is called the best gifts for coffee lovers who travel is because it contains so many different types of portable coffee makers. Such as this portable cold brew coffee maker.

Non-coffee lovers may not understand why there are so many different portable coffee makers. They may think coffee is coffee. But trust me, real coffee-lovers understand the difference between a cold brew, espresso, or a French press (which you will find later on this list of the best travel gifts for coffee lovers)!

#4 International coffee gifts box

Internation ground coffee

Are you looking for the best gifts for coffee lovers who travel across the world and love trying coffee everywhere? Give them the opportunity to travel across the world from home with this international coffee beans set!

The gift set includes 16 different types of beans, meaning that they can travel to 16 different places through coffee!

To give you an idea, they can get from El Salvador, to Papua New Guinea, to Ethiopia and Hawai, just by trying different coffees!

Oh and don’t worry if this huge gift box is a bit out of your budget, check out the next item or numbers 9, 12, or 13 on this list to find cheaper but still cool alternatives!

#5 Donut Shop coffee mix

Coffee from the Donut Shop
Coffee from the Donut Shop

If you are looking for coffee gifts from across the globe and a special donut variation. Check out the Donut Shop coffee mix. It includes a donut shop coffee, or a Colombian, or French one!

#6 The world coffee map

Photo courtesy of Pro Geo Maps

Are you looking for the best gifts for coffee lovers who travel, but who are stuck at home currently? Give them this coffee world map to decorate their home with a bit of coffee.

But besides being a beautiful decoration of the home, the map is also very informative about coffee. It tells them exactly where coffee was originally from, how it has been spread across the world and where it is currently grown. It even includes a coffee timeline, so they will learn a bit about the history of their favorite drink!

#7 The coffee scratch map

Photo courtesy of Etsy

Another cool map-inspired gift for coffee lovers is this coffee scratch map! Scratch maps are always great ideas for travelers because it’s beautiful home decoration and it’s fun to do. But with this map, they can even scratch the coffees they have had. Plus the map includes the best places to visit for coffee lovers!

Oh, and a bonus of the map is the fact that it comes with the best places for chocolate lovers too!

#8 A proper coffee machine

Coffee machine

Alright, this is probably not one of the most practical travel gifts for coffee lovers, but every coffee lover needs a proper coffee machine. So if you have a larger budget, getting them a coffee maker for their home will 100% make them happy.

I would suggest either a Nespresso machine or a Barista machine.

Gifts for coffee lovers in the midbudget

#9 Kenyan coffee beans

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If you are looking for the best coffee gifts for someone who travels to Kenya often. Or who simply loves Kenya, these Kenyan coffee beans are the perfect gift. And even for people who have never been to Kenya, this would make a great gift.

First of all because which coffee lover wouldn’t want to taste coffee from across the globe? And second of all, these coffee beans contribute to a better world. The company supports women and children in Kenya, for example by buying school equipment or supporting their artworks.

#10 Travel French press

Photo courtesy of Bodum

Remember what I said about all the different portable coffee makers? Well here is another one.

This French press travel mug is perfect for people who love coffee made with the French press. But what makes this one of the best coffee gifts for travelers is that they only have to pour in some hot water, some coffee and they can make it into a coffee on the go!

#11 Portable filter coffee maker

Portable coffee gifts
Portable filter coffee maker

Yes, get ready for yet another portable coffee maker. But really, not all these coffee makers are the same. Because this portable one is great for coffee lovers who love simple drip coffee. The set includes a filter, so literally, all they need is water and ground coffee and they are all set!

What’s even better about this portable coffee maker is that it can be used to make both hot and cold coffee. Though I never understood why anyone would want a cold coffee, but really there are people who want that and with this gift, it is possible, without having to wait for the coffee to cool down.

#12 Coffee gifts from around the world

International coffee lover gifts

Did you really like the idea of international coffee lover gifts, but is your budget a bit smaller? Then this set may be a better alternative! It includes beans from Mexico, Honduras, Kenya, and more!

#13 Turkish coffee gifts set

Turkish coffee gifts
Turkish coffee gifts

What are the best gifts for coffee lovers who travel to Turkey? A Turkish coffee gift set of course!

This box includes 8 packs of Turkish coffee beans so they can prepare their Turkish coffee at home when they can’t actually travel to Turkey! Oh and also check out my Turkish gift guide for more inspiration for people who love Turkey.

#14 Coffee history book

Book about coffee
Book about coffee

Are looking for travel gifts for coffee lovers who you would consider, die-hard coffee lovers? Then they will certainly love this book about the history of coffee and how it changed the world we live in!

The book is called Uncommon Grounds: The history of coffee and how it transformed our world.

And I would say it’s a must-read for traveling coffee-lovers!

#15 Italian espresso-maker

Italian espresso maker
Italian espresso maker

This Italian Espresso maker is one of the best gifts for coffee lovers who travel to Italy often, or who simply love Italian coffee.

This original Bialetti Moka express makes it super easy for anyone to make a strong espresso at home without a barista machine. All they need is this small stainless steel pot, coffee, and water and they will have a good cup of espresso just at home!

Oh in case you were looking for more gifts for Italy lovers, check out my Italy gifts guide!

#16 Books about coffee

There are so many books that make great gifts for coffee lovers who travel around the world, that I couldn’t pick just one.

Some of the best coffee books in my opinion include:

#17 Personalized travel mug

Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

I know, I know, I promised more unique travel gifts for coffee lovers. But I also admitted that travel mugs are super practical gifts. So I figured that of all the 25 coffee gifts on today’s list, one could be a little bit less unique, but super fun and practical.

So obviously, you could get a million different designs of travel mugs, such as one of their favorite countries, a fun print, a photo, or one with a personalized text.

Travel gifts for coffee lovers for small budgets

#18 Vietnamese coffee gifts box

Photo courtesy of World Market

Are you looking for coffee lover gifts for someone who travels to Vietnam frequently? Or someone who just loves Vietnamese coffee? Or perhaps for a coffee lover who would love to try coffee from across the globe?

Well, for all those coffee lovers, this Classic Vietnamese coffee pack will allow them to make 5 typical Vietnamese coffees (including the classic condensed milk).

#19 Coffee recipe book

Coffee recipe book
Coffee recipe book

Cookbooks and recipe books are always good gifts, especially if you can find a cookbook that includes their favorite food or drinks.

So this Coffee Recipe book with 50 different types of coffee and espresso drinks to make at home will surely keep a coffee lover satisfied until the next time they can travel!.

#20 Coffee tasting journal

Coffee tasting journal

Are you looking for the best gifts for coffee lovers who travel around the world trying coffee everywhere? Then this coffee tasting journal is the perfect gift!

It will help them to keep track of all the coffees they have tried, where they tried them, which beans were used, how were the beans roasted, how was the coffee made. And of course, what did they think of the coffee. Did they like it, or was it a coffee to never try again?

With this coffee tasting journal, they won’t forget a single thing of all the coffees they have tried!

#21 Coffee and hiking notebook

Funny coffee notebook

Are you looking for the best coffee lover gifts for someone who is also really into hiking? This is the perfect gift for them. A hiking logbook journal with a coffee design!

In this logbook, they can keep track of all the hikes they have down. Where did they go, how far was it, what was the incline/decline, what did they think of it?

And every time they open their hiking log journal they will also be reminded of their other great love, coffee.

By the way, if you are looking for cool gifts for outdoor lovers, you may want to check out my camping gifts guide. And for more awesome travel journals I would recommend my travel journal gifts guide.

#22 Bicycle coffee holder

Bicycle coffee holder
Bicycle coffee holder

This is one of the best gifts for coffee lovers who travel by bike often. With this coffee holder, they can just order a coffee and get moving straight away! And while they are biking, they can just take a sip of coffee!

Or if you are looking for gifts for Dutchies, this is also a very good idea. As you may know, Dutch people bike everywhere, so for busy Dutchies who don’t have time to stop for coffee, this is the perfect solution.

Also check out my bicycle lover’s gift guide for more gift ideas for people who are into biking!

#23 Luggage coffee holder

Luggage coffee holder
Luggage coffee holder

Here is another one of the best gifts for coffee lovers who travel a lot, a luggage coffee holder. It’s also great for people who travel a lot for work and who don’t always have time to stop and sit down for a coffee. This holder will allow them to still have and enjoy their cup of coffee while also being able to hurry to the gate!

#24 Portable dripper

Portable coffee dripper
Portable coffee dripper

Alright, this is the last portable coffee maker on this list and it is also the cheapest. That doesn’t mean it’s not still one of the best coffee gifts for travelers! It is simply designed to make a different kind of coffee.

This portable and collapsible coffee dripper is perfect for people who love simple drip coffees and who do not have a lot of space in their luggage for the more luxurious dripper I mentioned earlier.

This one even comes with a clipper, so they can even hang it outside their backpacks!

The only disadvantage of this coffee maker is the fact that they still need filters for it to work (and coffee and water, but that’s pretty self-explanatory).

#25 Turkish/Greek coffee maker

Turkish or Greek coffee maker
Turkish or Greek coffee maker

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, there are a lot of different styles of coffee makers on this list of best coffee lover gifts! The last one is a Turkish/Greek/Arabic style coffee maker called a briki. It’s used in Turkey, Greece, and several Arabic countries. The gift comes with a recipe, coffee, the pot, and a spoon, so they can immediately start making their own Arabic coffee.

Also check out my Greece and Turkey gift guide if you need more country-specific gift inspiration.

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